Friday, January 28, 2011

A Legend Lost

This week, we lost a legend. Those who have ever been into skateboarding, BMX, or aggressive inline skating will recognize this place as a mecca of extreme sports... Hubba's Hideout, a pedestrian bridge over Davis St. that connects the Alcoa Building plaza to the park next to Justin Herman Plaza, is the latest victim of San Francisco's plan to improve the city. This week, they tore it down. 


The city hired Bauman Landscape to perform the demolition. I grew up with the founder's son and he sent me the photo below as the walkway fell. He also informed me that skateboarders kept running onto the demo site to steel blocks of concrete and skate-stoppers as keepsake momentos.

Skate Stopper

As my knowledge of architecture grew, I came to love this spot more and more. I love concrete and its multitude of uses in Architecture. The Alcoa building is also one of my favorite buildings in San Francisco. I have many great memories of this place from another lifetime and am sad to see it go...