Monday, February 07, 2011

Bad Shower Design

If you are a designer or going to hire a designer, please give some practical thought to the design. The picture below is of a shower I once encountered in a hotel. Note that the soap tray is directly below the shower head. Being a hotel, the shower head leaked like crazy. That water would drip and accumulate in the soap tray. Have you ever seen a soap bar that sits in water? It's slimy and disgusting. My point is, this could have been easily avoided if the designer had put himself in the shoes (figuratively) of a person taking a shower, especially in a hotel. Here are some questions to ask yourself.
  1. When I get undressed, where do I put my clothes and keep them dry?
  2. Where can I put my toiletry kit?
  3. Is there ample horizontal surfaces in the shower where I can place soap, face wash, shampoo, etc.?
  4. Are those horizontal surfaces dry?
I'll make similar posts to this in the future as it is something that I look for and it drives me crazy. If you have your own personal gripes (and hopefully photos), please email me.