Thursday, March 01, 2012

TMG Partners

I try to keep this blog location neutral, but I am suspending that rule for this post. One hears a lot about TMG these days. For starters, they are currently in the middle of a $87M re-positioning of 680 Folsom Street in San Francisco. If you didn't know that, it is the site with two cranes.

Before this remodel, the old Pacific Bell Building look quite dilapidated.

680 Folsom - before

Now, TMG is putting a new skin on the building:
680 Folsom - after - photo from curbed sf
What is more impressive is that TMG is on a leasing bender. According to the San Francisco Busniess Times, Riverbed Technology recent signed a 10 year lease for 160,000 square feet. Yesterday, the Business Times also reported that Macy's just signed a 15 year lease for 250,000 square feet for its online retail division. In the blink of an eye this building is 80% leased (starting late 2013.)

But this isn't the only news that TMG has made lately, I also recently read that TMG has brought on Amy Neches as a partner. Ms. Neches used to work for the SF redevelopment agency and politically knows her way around the world of politics in San Francisco building and development.

Well done TMG. A tip of my hat.