Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dangerous Dump Truck

Want to rapidly increase your insurance premiums?
Want to endanger the lives of your fellow colleagues?
Want to damage hundreds of thousands of dollars of machinery?
Try this trick...

Back your fully loaded dump-truck right to the precipice of a steep drop. So close, that you rear wheels begin to roll downwards. Then try dumping the load so that it changes the center of gravity of your truck.

Luckily, nothing horrible happened in this situation. The truck didn't fall over because the driver moved forward before dumping his load. However, the driver was probably more than a little embarrassed after more than a dozen people yelled at him and called him a number of not-so-pleasant names.

Like they say in Hill Street Blues, be careful out there!

waaaaaaay too close!

dumping the load changes the center of gravity