Sunday, April 08, 2012

Site Photography - Part I

I take a lot of photographs when I am onsite. I like to be able to reference my photos later on and I cannot stand it when I do not have enough photos or when a key photograph is blurry. Over the years, I have also developed some strategies that I use to remember the purpose of the photograph or to orient myself after my short-term memory has faded.

I have a lot of ideas to share and I intend to make this a multi-post article similar to my writings on Field Reports.


With my system, I use fingers to denote the floor. For example, in the photo below, I am indicating that I am on the third floor of a structure. For numbers 6-9, I use upside down fingers.
My reflection is visible in the window

I also use a non-permanent marker such as a pencil to write on an object. I will shoot my markings before shooting my subject in the next photograph. These notes serve as cues when reviewing photos. I may not always remember what I was looking at while shooting photos.

Balcony of Unit 307 at Building 3. Pencil will erase - no permanent damage.

That is all for now. More notes regarding site photography to come in the future.